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Alarm systems Margahayuland

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You like cycling? Yes, this one sport is fun, but can maintain a healthy body, cycling can also reduce environmental pollution. Because, in contrast to the other vehicle, bicycling only rely on energy to pedal, so it is not necessary source of energy that can cause environmental pollution. kata mutiara kata kata bijak kata kata lucu Download Opera Mini edit foto jadwal liga inggris http://www.kutembak.com/ mivo tv

But unfortunately, the increase of population, the more dense residential areas making. As a result, special places to play bike was supplanted by houses and office buildings. As a result, the highway eventually be an alternative to cycling.

Cycling on the road does have a high risk. Well, in order to avoid things that are not desirable, some cycling tips below may be able to make a guide.

1. Dress properly. Wear a helmet and bright colored clothing. On
rainy season, which does not use a slicker interfere with,
balance, and your control over the bike.

2. Obey traffic signs and regulations. It makes no difference to road users
Another, cycling on the road also must obey traffic signs and perturan.

3. Never cycling against the flow path. Motorists do not
will notice an oncoming bike in the wrong lane.

4. Do not wear headphones (earphones). Wear a helmet, do not use the appliance
headphones (from walkman or mobile phone). According to some studies, the ear
a sealed can reduce keawasan surroundings.

5. Prepare your hands for the brakes. You probably can not directly stop
jka brake with just one hand. Do not cycling too close in
behind another vehicle, and the rainy season always prepare a safe distance
braking because the brake is always decreasing efficiency when wet.

6. Pay attention to the road at the side and behind you. Learn to scan the state of the roads in
beside and behind you without having to lose balance and control
You are on the bike.

7. Do not overtake on the left. Motorists will not normally
suspect that there is a bike overtaking on the left, so they are also not ready
the worst situations that arise from this situation.

8. Do not cross the road divider line. When overtaking, make sure you do not
passing through a road divider line. Even so does the traffic when in a state of

9. Use lights at night. In addition to helping you create a view direction and conditions
roads, lights help other drivers in front of the vehicle to see
Your presence. Add also the lights on the back of a bike, or
at least reflector.

10.Gunakan your hands to signal. kata mutiara kata kata bijak kata kata lucu kata mutiara Use your hands to signal
to other road users about the direction in which you will be driving. This is
unwritten rules for cyclists, but it is important for your safety

11. Take care and keep the condition of your bike. Perform routine maintenance so the bike
You can walk safely and comfortably. Replace brakes and tires regularly.
Caring bike was easy, you can learn and do it yourself. Home security systems Kata Mutiara Margahayuland

kata mutiara kata kata bijak kata kata lucu Download Opera Mini edit foto jadwal liga inggris http://www.kutembak.com/ mivo tv

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Alarm systems Margahayuland

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